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beautymassage 1024x683Massage comes in many forms and can be used to aid recovery from injury or purely to provide relaxation. We offer many types at The Equilibrium Clinic and are also able to tailor a massage to suit your needs. If it is a lower leg and foot massage you are after or a popular back, neck and shoulder massage we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Sports / Remedial

This is a specialist massage treatment aimed at aiding recovery from an injury or an event, or as part of a long term prevention of injury or training programme. It's beneficial for everyone from elite athletes to those suffering from everyday muscular aches and pains, stiffness or limited movements, regardless of age or level of fitness and aims to keep muscles flexible and reduce soreness and stiffness, whilst improving strength and flexibility.

Treatment can include; injury assessment, deep tissue massage, stretching techniques, ultrasound to reduce swelling and promote healing and rehabilitation advice.

Sports/remedial massage is carried out as part of a programme sometimes in isolation or, where appropriate, in conjunction with other complimentary treatments.

Swedish Body Massage

Body massage is a holistic treatment used as a preventative treatment to ward of injury or illness as part of your regular routine or as an a recovery aid. It improves posture, rebalances mind, body and spirit and whilst keep muscles soft and loosening stiff joints.

A strong deeper tissue massage to stimulate blood circulation, improve oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues of the body whilst increasing lymph flow to remove waste products which in turn will leave you feeling less achy and lethargic. The deeper massage will ease tense tight muscles improving general flexibility and mobility.

A gentler massage works more methodically to lower heart beat, raised blood pressure and metabolism and works on the nerve endings in the skin inducing deeper relaxation whilst relieving pain and reducing stress chemicals.


Aromatherapy massage aims to treat the whole person by helping to restore the harmony of mind, body and spirit. It uses essential oils created from the pure properties of plants which are specifically blended for your own personal needs and delivered through a gentle relaxing massage.

This is a not only a treatment to use during chronic illness or to treat symptoms but can be used as a preventive treatment to restore a balanced energy flow, ease muscle tension and create a sense of well-being as well as enhancing the body's natural healing process.

Hot Stone Massage

A variation on classic massage hot basalt and cold marble stones are used to deeply massage the body in an exceptionally soothing treatment that increases the circulation and blood flow, relaxes muscles and calms the nervous system. Through the heat of the stones working into the muscles a deeper massage can be achieved without the pressure. Stress and tension is melted away with the warmth of the stones against your skin in this complete body and soul treatment.

Hot Stones can also be used in conjunction with other treatments at the Equilibrium Clinic.

Pregnancy Massage

With all the stresses and strains on your body and mind during pregnancy this relaxing and therapeutic massage helps to restore balance, peace and tranquillity using a range of techniques some of which is based on Shiatsu principles. This is a bespoke treatment taking into account your own personal needs and is suitable in most cases from the first day of pregnancy, through all three trimesters into post birth treatments to work on toning of stretched muscles. This treatment helps to promote a healthy and comfortable pregnancy and encourage you to connect with your unborn child.

Indian Head Massage

Release the stress in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. Especially beneficial for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis. A deeply calming and relaxing treatment, leaving you feeling energised, revitalised and better able to concentrate.