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Our last Partylite event was such a success we are putting on another, bigger, better one!

Drop in between 4pm and 8pm on Tuesday 17th November and support Salisbury Hospice. You can enjoy free mulled wine and mince pies as well learning more about the products. There will also be the chance to indulge in some taster treatments! If you would like to come along please let us know by dropping us an email. Alternatively please call 01672 851212

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IMG 20150722 121444The Equilibrium, with the help of our clients has raised almost £400 for charity, Hope and Homes for Children. The Pamper Day took place on Wednesday 22 July offering more than 30 clients a range of treatments from manicures to nutritional advice.

Manager, Lorraine Saunders said: “It was great fun pampering so many locals at the event. But
even more amazing to raise so much money for the charity that helps children worldwide. We hope to repeat the event next year and raise more money for charity.”

Organised by the Equilibrium and a group of volunteers from Hope and Homes for Children Vale of Pewsey Support Group, the fundraiser encouraged clients to try alternative treatments such as Jin Shin Jyutsu and Hypnotherapy as well more common treatments such as pedicures and facials. Money was raised through donations for treatments, beautiful fresh cut flowers by Upavon based, The Flower Patch, and plenty of delicious cupcakes made by volunteers as well as further donations from generous clients.

Hope and Homes for Children is an international charity working to ensure that all children have
the chance to grow up in the love of a family. Their vision is a world in which
children no longer suffer institutional care. The next event being organised for the charity is 'Voices
on the Hill' at the Theatre on the Hill Marlborough on 26th September.

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reflexolofyThere are many benefits of Reflexology, it helps to reduce stress, deeply relaxes you and increases energy levels. Circulation improves, impurity toxins are removed from the system, the body balances itself and immune system is strengthened. These are all wonderful benefits but what else does the treatment offer that will help with conception and having a healthy pregnancy?

Based on the principle that energy runs through the body, repro-reflexology is a treatment that can help to enhance your natural fertility or it can work alongside conventional drugs such as Clomiphene, Tamoxifen, Metformin on medicated cycles of IUI, IVF, ICIS and with donor eggs. Many women use repro-reflexology as a standalone treatment to enhance their natural fertility. The treatment helps a client’s mental, physical and emotional state, through touch and if they wish, talking to someone, in confidence about their fertility, can be incredibly helpful.

Once you are pregnant, reflexology continues to offer benefits, it will give some valuable ‘me time’ and reduce stress and anxiety which is often experienced during pregnancy. There are several contraindications to repro-reflexology, it is not recommended in the first 3 months of pregnancy, if you have a history of miscarriage or suffering complications with the pregnancy.

Julie, our qualified Reflexologist, specialising in repro-reflexology will discuss with you in more detail how the therapy can help you. Please contact Julie on 01672 851212 for more information.

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Belle et Bien Semi permanent cosmetics.'s photo.We are delighted to be welcoming Kelly to the clinic who specialises in semi-permanent cosmetics. Semi-permanent cosmetics are great for busy people, sports people, those with thin, pale or non existent brows, Alopecia suffers and people that want beautiful defined brows.

If you would like to find out a bit more about how Kelly could help you please contact us or visit her Facebook Page.


Equilibrium's phone number: 01672 851212

Kelly's direct phone number is: 07908582896


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MASSAGESports massage is a form of therapy which can help alleviate
the bodies’ soft tissue structures – including muscles, tendons, ligaments and
fascia. Therapists use a range of manual, compressive and stretching techniques
to help reduce tightness, relieve tension and promote healthy soft tissue, and
below are some of the other benefits:

Helps relieve stress and reduces anxiety

Just a single massage treatment can reduce one’s stress
levels, and regular massages can have long-term beneficial effects. As well as
helping to reduce cortisol within the body (the stress hormone), this type of
massage can also boost the bodies’ endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, helping
you to relax and elevate positive moods. Sports massages have also been shown
to alleviate symptoms in people suffering with long-term depression and anxiety

Boosts immunity

Our immune system is the biological part of our body that
prevents illness and disease, but this can suffer due to a number of reasons
such as stress and poor diet. Massage has been shown to boost immunity by
increasing the cytotoxic cells that kill viruses and toxins within the body.
Massage promotes the important drainage of toxins through the lymphatic system
in the body, helping to increase good blood supply to the body.

Regulates Blood Pressure

High or low blood pressure can be fatal and symptomless, leading on to a number
of problems such as heart disease and stroke. Getting blood pressure to a
healthy level is vital and regular massage is a cost effective treatment to
regulate blood pressure – helping to increase good blood flow and supply to the
body – decrease heart rate and decrease cortisol within the body which has been
shown to increase blood pressure.

Helps to tone (scar tissue)

A sedentary lifestyle and poor muscle health can lead to muscles becoming
untoned. This can be due to poor blood supply, high levels of adhesions and
poor contractibility. Sports massage can help by stimulating unused muscle
fibres, breaking down knots within the tissues and regulating good blood supply
and beneficial drainage of toxins. Scar tissue that is laid down after injury
is treatable with massage techniques – massages can break down and elongate
scar tissue, helping to increase skins elasticity.

Relieves Pain

Pain in any form will cause your body and mind undue stress.
Sports massage, though uncomfortable itself when using deeper techniques, can
be helpful in preventing and stopping pain. Headaches can be relieved via
massage to the neck and shoulder regions, helping to relax the muscles that are
often tight and therefore inhibiting blood flow to the brain. Joint and soft
tissue pain – even arthritis – has been shown to decrease with sports massage.
Various techniques help to improve blood flow, which helps healing and also
develops a better range of motion at joints. The positive endorphins released
during massage also help manage pain and promote relaxation.

Helps Breathing

Many debilitating conditions affect breathing and the respiratory system, such
as asthma, bronchitis and allergies. Massage alone cannot solve these problems
but can go a long way to help. Treatments can help relax the respiratory
muscles in the back and front of the body, helping sufferers breathe deeper.
Massages can also improve posture, which can help open up the chest to improve
breathing efficiency.

If you think sports massage might be the right treatment for you or you would like to find out more please contact us on 01672 851212.

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Sports massage can speed recovery time, prevent injury, and reduce pain—but is it for everyone?

With a seasonal burst of activity, we often experience increased awareness in our bodies—new tightness or tension, new pain or injuries, and new realizations of room for improvement. After hibernating through the winter (warm as it was), it feels incredible to throw ourselves into a long weekend hike or ride around Sauvie Island, but most of us are going to feel it the next day. Sports massage can be a perfect addition to a pumped-up fitness routine to help keep the body healthy and ready for the next adventure.

So, what is sports massage? Sports massage is an integration of massage techniques to address specific areas of pain or injury related to physical activity, relieve muscle tension, increase circulation, improve flexibility, and decrease recovery time. In addition to training-targeted support, it comes will all of the other benefits of massage, like increased circulation, detoxification, stress reduction, and relaxation.

Many people associate sports massage with the popular use of pre- and post- race treatments, often offered in short sessions at a marathon or other athletic event. In this way, massage is able to help the body warm up and prepare for performance and, after the finish line, assist the body toward recovery. But there are plenty of other reasons to make an appointment with a sports massage therapist.

No two bodies are exactly alike. In sports massage, therapists don’t just go through a checklist of common problems runners or cyclists experience to see where a patient lines up in relation to the norm. Instead, they will work with each client’s physical form in a resting state in order to assess and influence the dynamic, active potential of the body.

When should I schedule a massage in relation to my training? It really depends on your individual goals, and a good massage therapist will be your best guide in determining the timing for your sessions, but here ar some rules of thumb:

If your focus is addressing specific pain or tension, it can be helpful to come in at least 24-48 hours from your last hard training. You want to think about giving your muscles time to recover so they can receive and respond to the specific and focused massage techniques. A light or average workout the day of the massage is fine, but if you are still sore from your last workout, deep or specific work in those areas is not advised.

If your focus is to decrease recovery time and post-exercise soreness, the nature of the session will be quite different. If possible, you’ll want to schedule within a couple hours after a hard training session. Did you know that if you are training at your maximum level, up to 24 hours after is still considered recovery time? In this case, sessions might be shorter, the pressure lighter, and the techniques may move more quickly to focus on circulation and detoxification.

Sessions can also provide a combination of injury treatment and recovery. An integrated session could include a focus on recovery in the legs, but also address a shoulder injury or specific concerns of tension in the lower back.

I’m not a pro athlete. Is sports massage right for me? Anyone who pursues exercise or athletic activity on a regular basis can benefit from sports massage, especially if you want to take your training to the next level.

If you would like to discuss how sports massage could help you please contact us on 01672 851212.

Original article by Mary Kibble

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Reflexology: can it aid fertility?

by CHRIS BROOKE, Daily Mail

After three years of trying for a second child, Kath and Murray Chapman had almost given up hope.

Doctors had told them Mrs Chapman had a hormone problem which meant fertility treatment would be a waste of time.

But the 40- year-old mother remembered she had read somewhere that reflexology could help with infertility.

With nothing to lose, she had three months of foot massage and, at the end of her course, was delighted to hear that her hormone levels had returned to normal.

She soon became pregnant and gave birth to second son Fraser five months ago. While doctors insist there is nothing to prove the alternative therapy was responsible, she is sure it worked.

Mrs Chapman, who also has a four-year-old son called Jake, said: 'I am convinced I wouldn't have become pregnant without the reflexologist's help. I was absolutely shocked, but obviously delighted, to find I was pregnant after being told we couldn't have a second child. It's a dream come true.'

Mrs Chapman, from Deepcar, Sheffield, said she was 'devastated' to be told she would never conceive again.

'I was told that there was no point in attempting IVF treatment because it would be a waste so I would have to resign myself to the fact that we couldn't have another baby,' she added. A hormone test  -  which indicates if a woman is entering the menopause  -  showed levels were too high, suggesting her ovaries had stopped producing enough oestrogen, which controls the reproductive cycle.

To become pregnant, a woman needs a hormone rating of ten or below but Mrs Chapman's was above 25. Following reflexology, however, it dropped to below eight.

' I told the doctors about the reflexology but they dismissed it and just said it was possible that hormone levels can drop when you become more relaxed and less anxious.

'The effect of the reflexology was amazing. It seemed to relax me so much. I became pregnant quite quickly and everything went smoothly. The doctors never admitted that the reflexology had anything to do with it but I have no doubt at all.'

Mr Chapman, who runs a catering recruitment business with his wife, said: 'We're just delighted now the family is complete.' Reflexologist said: 'The technique works on pressure points on the feet which correspond to different parts of the body. Massaging these areas helps to restore balance to the body.'

There is little accepted medical evidence to back up reflexologists' claims. One trial in Denmark examined 108 women with an average age of 30 who had been trying to conceive for up to seven years. Many dropped out of the trial, but 19 of the remaining 61 conceived within six months of completing the treatment.

Polly Hall, of the Association of Reflexologists, said last night: ' Doctors would say that reflexology had nothing to do with this.

'We don't make any claims to cure any conditions but we have anecdotal evidence that reflexology can help with infertility problems and bring the body back into balance.'

Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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Are you feeling emotional, teary and anxious?

If you're feeling emotional, teary, anxious, and overwhelmed, then our Jin Shin Therapist, Astrid can help - with just one session Astrid will help calm everything down and more. A session has also been known to clear nightmares for her clients in the past. Astrid has some slots available this week. To book or to find out more information about how Jin Shin might help you please call Astrid on 07794 447 067.

More information about the benefits of Jin Shin Jyutsu can be found here.

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