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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

Full Body Scans, Breast Thermography, Cardiovascular Screening, Dental Scans are just some of the uses of DITI.

DITI is a valuable diagnostic tool.

The benefits are:

  • No radiation 100% safe
  • No body contact
  • Fast results (24 hr turnaround)
  • Reported on by US Medical Doctors trained as Thermologists
  • Affordable

With DITI, we can detect some of the physiological disease processes occurring within the body, using Chiropractic or biochemical balancing and /or a GP referral, we can help you correct the problem.

We use DITI for full body scans, half body scans, breast thermography, sports injuries, unexplained pain.

DITI in breast health.

Thermal imaging of breast tissue is for all women (and men) of all ages. When used in combination can be much more effective than traditional breast cancer screening methods alone. It is also suitable for women who have had implants and women who are pregnant since there is no radiation. 30-50 yr old women have denser breast tissue making mammography less effective, therefore thermal imaging for this age group is highly recommended.

Older women who are called for mammograms are also able to benefit from thermal imaging because thermal imaging can detect early changes which mammograms can miss.

Breast Health scans can be performed on an annual basis to monitor breast health. DITI is suitable for women with implants or have painful breasts where mammography would be uncomfortable.

DITI has the unique capability of imaging breast tissue without radiation. DITI for breast health is a physiological test over time. Your breasts have their own unique thermal pattern which rarely changes over time. Therefore the presence of abnormal thermal patterns may be suspicious and warrant clinical correlation.

Since DITI can image the neovascularity associated with tumour formation, it is a valuable adjunct to other breast cancer screening modalities like breast MRi, Ultrasound and mammography. Since DITI visualises neovascularity, thermography does not rule out existing non-active or encapsulated tumors.

Any new lump felt should always be investigated by your GP/Breast Health team.

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